Why buy in Tradetec?

Why buy in Tradetec?


Advantages and disadvantages ...


-Tradetec reviews all orders before sending them in Spain.

-The competition often sent from China, so do not review what you send.

-Tradetec pays the costs of customs law and includes offer their articles in the final sale price.

-Competition often says much lower amounts than the actual value, incurring customs fraud before being ultimately responsible for this fraud the customer, which is the owner listed as receiver of the packet to the customs authorities.

-Tradetec offers repair service in Spain for all your items.

-Competition often, in case of failure sends the customer to the factory, taking it to pay the high international shipping costs for a solution often unsatisfactory.

-Tradetec ensures all shipments with a value equal to or higher than the total order.

-Competition in the event of problems arising from the direct transport from Asia, logical consequence of the thousands of kilometers and means of transport, lack of insurance for the full amount of the order as stated by fraudulently attempting a lower amount avoid customs, and insurance only take over the amounts declared.

After all this, he still wanted to try your luck? Do you think it worth it? Play it safe.