General Conditions

General Conditions


Tradetec Global Trading Company (offeror company) established in Vigo, Avd Buenos Aires No 4, 1 C, CP36207, Pontevedra, provides its services electronically by Internet sales on its website and Your e-mail contact:


These general conditions governing the procurement of products and services offered by Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd. and advertising to your clients / customers, all through their website.

The clauses which are listed below form the contract that all users accessing the page are obliged to know and accept these conditions binding on both parties and integral and inseparable part of the sales contract which effectively operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the customer. For all practical purposes means that the user accepts the conditions and regulations mentioned here if you press the OK button that appears at the foot of any order.

These general conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law, and in particular Law 26/84 of 19 June General Consumer and User Defense, Law 7 / 98 April 13 General Conditions Recruitment, LAW 7 / 96 of 15 January the Retail Trade, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and Council of 8 June, LAW 34/2002 of 11 July society services of the information and electronic commerce, Law 23/2003 of 10 July Guarantees in the Consumer Goods Sales and other applicable laws and regulations.


The offeror company in compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, through its website and the General Conditions, allowing access by electronic means in an easy, direct, free and permanent comprehensive information of its name and data to customers exclusive access thereto, held by the company. Any user who accesses the website or is entitled to register as a client and can therefore qualify for special offers destiandas the group of registered customers.


The pricing policy of the supplier company, reserves at all times and the right to unilaterally change the price of goods and services offered through its website. To guarantee customers the assurance and security of product prices, these will be valid attends the publicity at the time of the checkout process. Information on the product price or final price retail purchase of the product contain the same final cost for the client including tax, shipping and insurance of goods associated with transportation and handling. The final cost will be communicated to the client in the electronic purchasing process before it formalize its acceptance.

       PAYMENT 5th.

Prepayment: by payment in cash or bank transfer the full amount for Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd., both expressly stating the order number to which payment relates. Remain voluntary and positive for the promptness in sending the article, the copy of bank receipt to the email

Payment by credit card: either through our own payment gateway like Paypal or associates, would apply the same procedure as in the above description of prepayment.



The delivery of the product purchased is set within approximately 10 days from the identification of payment for actual delivery of the product from the moment in which he had set the date and identification of the automated reports to subscriber that order. For orders prepayment without proof of payment within the period of delivery of the product set to formalize the order, within 10 days shall begin from that we have actual knowledge of actual payment. The delivery time of goods depends on the locality where the Commission shall be available to the client.

In the case of verifying the customer at the time of delivery of merchandise or errors in it that is visibly damaged must record the circumstances on the waybill of the carrier and make known these facts Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd. within 24h in writing by sending an email to

For complaints about merchandise, after 24h after delivery will not be accepted.

The goods which could not be delivered within 7 working days of departure from the facilities of Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd., for reasons not attributable to the seller will be returned to it, not return the sums paid in case of orders prepay.


The manufacturers offer guarantees the extent and duration vary among products. Such guarantees shall be exclusively borne by the manufacturer.

The guarantee of the products sold by Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd are delivered and set under the rules contained in Law 23/2003 of 10 July, on guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, legal framework which aims to provide consumers with options for sanitation required when the property acquired is not in accordance with the contract, giving the option to require repair or replacement of goods, unless it is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement are unavailable or are disproportionate, the consumer may demand price reduction or a change by making payment of cost difference if a superior product to acquire exclusively to the offeror Tradetec SL Global Trading Compay

The offeror will not be responsible for any damage resulting from misuse, handling or installation professional or short circuit malfunction. The warranty will not apply in case of external factors to normal use, such as increases or dips, use of improper accessories or prohibited by the manufacturer, or improper handling by the customer or third persons not authorized by the manufacturers.

The DVD / CD units have 6 months of warraty.
In the case of breakage of the tamper seal, being demonstrated by staff not handling the offeror, the product would be unsecured.

The computation of the security beginning on the day of delivery.

       8th CLIENT RIGHTS

The customer is entitled to confidentiality and security of personal customer data in accordance with the provisions of Spanish legislation on data protection.

Knowing each time the status of processing the orders placed, exclusively by consulting staff Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd., by any available methods or


Under Law 23/2003 of 10 July, the seller must deliver to the consumer which is in accordance with sales contract on terms that the law itself provides, as both the seller liable to the consumer of any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery. In terms of this law recognizes the consumer's right to compensation for good, for his replacement and a price reduction in the purchase of a new product in the shop of the offeror. In the case of termination of the contract through no fault of differences with the article offered on the website of the supplier, the customer must assume the costs of the use and transport of the goods returned to be valued by a company outside the offeror and by him referred to as for such good service.

In any case, must correspond to the product's serial number with the files owned by Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd.

We will not accept returns or exchanges of products under warranty, from the tenth days of receiving the item.
The goods must be returned in original packing and complete and without damage to hardware or software. All returned items are subject to a restocking fee of 14.5%. The goods are shipped from customer locations to our facilities, at cost. The shipping cost is deducted from the amount due for repayment. In all cases the security seal must be intact.

The offeror will not take returns on products handled or those goods that are returned incomplete both in its main elements and accessories.

Model refunds will not be accepted for OEM or universal incompatibility with the vehicle. Are accepted only previously consulted COMPATIBILITY technical staff of the Company

The return of the laptops will not be possible at any time when they are returned in the same terms of delivery. This implies that the system must be restored respecting the partition and original programs.

For any returns on smaller products (cameras, accessories, etc ...) need to be protected by an outer-packaging as you received at home, and avoid any damage or tampering of the product packaging for transport.

No refunds on software or customized products.


Conserve, modify or suspend the website without notice.

Modify the price of the bids.

Refuse orders due to unavailability or default of the customer.

Receive the amount of customer purchases accepted the transaction.

To reserve the property and retain full ownership of the item until payment in full by the customer.

Reserve the right to conduct sweepstakes on their website.



The information received by Tradetec Global Trading Comapany Ltd., through its website will be treated with utmost confidentiality. The bidder at all times observe the existing rules on data protection, in particular the Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and shall take the measures necessary for such data in relation to prevent alteration, loss and unauthorized access. It also undertakes not to use the personal data of users of the site for other purposes unrelated to the purpose of engaging the services it provides.

Under current legislation, Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd., nature collects personal data of its customers and puts them in a file which holds and for which treatment is exclusively for the purpose of managing the requested orders and answer queries users may have.

Global Trading Company Tradetec S.L. may use third-party advertising companies to place advertisements on your website.

The customer data may be used in order to send you information on offers.

Likewise, the client agrees that Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd. submit such data to transport companies or banks for the collection and transport management of the order.

You can also perform other data communications provided by law.

Global Trading Company Tradetec S.L. target entity of the data collected on this site, you agree to respect and facilitate those interested exercise of the rights recognized by law and in particular the rights of data access, rectification, cancellation of data and opposition, if necessary. Such rights may be exercised by the user or, where appropriate, by whom it represents, through a signed written request addressed to the address of the name.

Global Trading Company Tradetec S.L. represent and warrant that maintains safety standards for the protection of personal data under the current legislation provides, and has established all the technical means at its alcaance to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by users. All this notwithstanding the fact, the user accepts that Internet security measures are not foolproof.