Return Policy

Return Policy

Under Law 23/2003 of 10 July, the seller must deliver to the consumer which is in accordance with sales contract on terms that the law itself provides, as both the seller liable to the consumer of any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery. In terms of this law recognizes the consumer's right to compensation for good, for his replacement and a price reduction in the purchase of a new product in the shop of the offeror. In the case of termination of the contract through no fault of differences with the article offered on the website of the supplier, the customer must assume the costs of the use and transport of the goods returned to be valued by a company outside the offeror and by him referred to as for such good service.

In any case, must correspond to the product's serial number with the files owned by Tradetec Global Trading Company Ltd.

The goods must be returned in original packing and complete and without damage to hardware or software. All returned items are subject to a restocking fee of 14.5%. The goods are shipped from customer locations to our facilities, at cost. The shipping cost is deducted from the amount due for repayment. In all cases the warranty seal and packing should be intact.

The offeror will not take returns on products handled or those goods that are returned incomplete both in its main elements and accessories.

The return of the laptops will not be possible at any time when they are returned in the same terms of delivery. This implies that the system must be restored respecting the partition and original programs.

For any returns on smaller products (cameras, accessories, etc ...) need to be protected by an outer-packaging as you received at home, and avoid any damage or tampering of the product packaging for transport.

No refunds on software or customized products.