Car diagnostics

Car diagnostics 

The electronic diagnostics of the car has no secret, especially for you if you buy this diagnostic item.

Car diagnostics OBD

This diagnostics machine is multi-brand for all cars. It is a wireless scanning wireless device. And with this you could see all the parameters of the computer on board your car. With this you will be able to scan and monitor all the parameters of the vehicle.

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Car diagnostics OBD2 module ✔ Compatible android car head unit!
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Diagnostics for every car brands

Tradetec wants you to know this multi-brand diagnostics module that reads the manufacturer's generic, diagnostic and specific codes and then shows its meaning directly on your iPhone or Android device.

One of the most interesting actions you take is to erase problem codes and turn off warning lights, show current sensor data ...

In the product file you can find all the features and usability of the diagnostics machine. And if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask and we will help you in everything.