Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera 

The best DVD radio - GPS navigator head unit Alfa Romeo Brera

Here you will find several models of special navigation systems with DVD - GPS - Bluetooh hands-free and WIFI for Alfa Romeo Brera. Modernize your Alfa Romeo Brera with a head unit screen such as the TR2910 or TR2998 models. The main difference between these models is that one has an 8-core processor and 4GB of RAM and the other model has a 4-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Enjoy an improved driving experience with the available head units that you can now buy and enjoy the most while driving your Alfa Romeo Brera. From being able to control the music you listen to, to the radio, through all kinds of maps and GPS. Some models even incorporate digital DTV television tuner.

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Special head unit screen Android for Alfa Romeo Spider, 159, Brera✔ GPS touch screen
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The Alfa Romeo Brera (Project 177) and Spider have been sports cars produced by Alfa Romeo from 2005 to 2010. In all these models of these years you can place the commented DVD radio. The two denominations correspond to the three-door coupé and two-door cabrio bodies, the last one was launched a little bit later, in 2006. Both models are designed and produced by the Italian designer Pininfarina.
The navigation system is ready for efficient and simple use while driving. Installation is easy and placed in the Alfa Romeo Brera in the same place as the original one. Of course if you have a beautiful car as the Alfa Romeo Brera, with that sharp line and its 3 spotlights per headlight, so charismatic, not buying the latest in GPS, it's really a shame.
Discover these models of Radio android systems with DVDs that we have for Alfa Romeo Brera in and choose the one you prefer!


Alfa Brera: see available 1 DIN and 2 DIN (double DIN) models

The dashboard of the Alfa Romeo Brera has a standard configuration, so placing a universal car multimedia in the place of the original one equipment is possible. Radios of 1 DIN size can be placed with the TR405 frame, leaving a hole in the bottom for an object holder or 2 DIN recessed with the TR408 frame, which you will not have this option. You can see them in the universal DVD category, and with any of these devices and their corresponding frame, in an easy way, you will have the latest multimedia unit with a professional finished installation! Note that some 2 DIN available even come with Android and SIM card reader to navigate in Internet.