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In this category we intend to bring you the best offers of consumer electronics and car electronics. Here you can find the best offers of the entire store. All top brands and with 2 years warranty.

Special offers with express shipping on Tradetec

All these items are continually updated stock so you can always know what you have available for express delivery, so what you see here, be it a console, game console or any player or television, you can confirm that you will have it at your address delivery with delivery from Spain as urgent as possible.

If you are looking for leading brands such as Asus, Sony, Logitech, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nintendo or Kingston and with express delivery, here is definitely your site!

Finance the purchase and pay in convenient terms

You also have the option to finance your purchase and make your payment in several installments, in this way everything you buy, be it a scooter, a tablet, a smartphone or a television, will be in your house quickly and you will pay it in the Comfortable fees you decide.

Nothing is easier than financing your purchase of car accessories, GPS navigator or any home accessory in Tradetec, without paperwork or long waits, just enter the data, select the fractional payment method with the fees that best suit you and In a few minutes you have the verification.

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49,58 € 66,11 €
CarPlay / Android Auto universal USB ✔ Compatible Android and Wince!
73,74 € 125,00 €
Digital television dual tuner (DTV) ✔ Compatible GPS head units!
296,56 € 392,56 €
Radio GPS designed for BMW 3 Series E46 ✔ Android 10! Always the latest for your car!
296,56 € 392,56 €
Radio GPS designed for Audi A3 8P ✔ Android 10! Always the latest for your car!
318,93 € 428,93 €
Radio GPS head unit for Ford silver colour ✔ Octa Core Android 10!
388,52 € 478,51 €
GPS car head unit Tesla style Kia Sportage ✔ The biggest touch screen available!
395,45 € 445,46 €
Radio GPS head unit for Mercedes SL R230 ✔ Octa Core Android 10!
406,36 € 536,36 €
Find the best GPS for BMW X3 F25 and X4 F26 ✔. With touch screen
511,57 € 552,89 €
Find the best GPS Android for your car Audi A6 C6 ✔. With touch screen 10.25 inch
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