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Electro or Electronic Home, express delivery Tradetec

All kinds of home electronics! Discover the best mini appliances, robot vacuum cleaner, also toys or office accessories. Here in the Tradetec online store you trust, you will always be able to have it with express delivery and with great payment conditions.

All in electro home, here you can finance your purchase

In addition to an urgent delivery for your appliance or robot vacuum cleaner, you can also finance the purchase in up to 12 installments so you can buy the best and everything is much faster.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, toy, tool or any sound house accessory, we always want the best, but there are times that the price of the item is a factor that compromises us, because making such a large outlay is not easy. We end up thinking that it is a whim although we really need it. So that this does not happen to you, at Tradetec we make it easy finance your purchase, pay it in up to 12 installments, and thus, we do not have to give up the best quality when we buy what we need.